Happy Ramadan to the World!


This is a sample post that I send to all of my friends and loved ones to let them know what Ramadan is about and what it means to me personally.  Often times speaking from our own experience is the most effective way of explaining aspects of religion to people.  No one likes to be preached at but most people like to quench their thirst for curiosity.  Copy this or create your own 🙂

Happy Ramadan!!! I wanted to send greetings of the month of Ramadan to you and let you know a little bit about what this month means to me

The long awaited month of Ramadan has finally arrived on the lunar calendar!  It is a month packed with immense blessings that will be observed by Muslim’s all around the world from Miami to Jordan to China to New Zealand.  It is a month filled with reflection, discipline, intense spirituality, and gentle asceticism.  It is the month that God, Most High, revealed the Qur’an in its entirety to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

It consists of approximately 30 days.  The first ten days of the month are the days of ‘Mercy.’ During these days Muslims should reflect on God’s infinite Mercy and be thankful for all that they have been granted. It is a period where they should embody mercy and try to soften their hearts in a way that  will render it tender for the rest of the year.  Most importantly they should enjoin mercy amongst humanity at large.

The second ten days are the days of ‘Forgiveness.’ These are the days where should turn to their Creator in all sincerity and seek God’s forgiveness for the transgressions they have committed against God, the transgressions they have committed against other people, and the transgressions they have committed against themselves.

The last ten days are those of ‘self-improvement. ‘ It is during these days in which Muslims seek a drastic increase in their spirituality, in their worship and in their rememberance of God in hope to be sincere and worthy enough to be granted the highest ranks of Heaven.

During this month Muslim adults wake up in the morning when only very few people are awake, and spend the night worshiping God.  Then they have a small meal meant to give them nourishment for the entire day and conclude with another ritual prayer.  Throughout the day they engage in remembering God, reflecting on the profundity of God’s creation, and reading God’s book of guidance to humanity – the Qur’an – and abstain from eating or drinking anything until the sun sets.  This is a means of increasing their gratitude towards the Creator of the Heavens and Earth for all that they have been given by depriving themselves of things thay typically indulge in or may take for granted.  How many people struggle to find food due to it’s scarcity? How many people around the world struggle to get enough money to put food on the table” How many people are being hit by harsh droughts? How many people around the world are caught in violent war zones?  It is through fasting that Muslims draw nearer to God and that they also draw nearer to humanity.  During this month Muslims are encouraged to spend their wealth generously to help the orphans, the poor, and the down-trodden in order to receive an even greater wealth from their Creator. Muslims also spend their night standing together in prayer for a few hours and prostrating their heads on the floor to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth every night during Ramadan.

For a Muslim this is a month of beauty and reflection and not a month of sacrifice and hardship as a non-practitioner may view it.  This is a month where God throws Satan in a cell and he cannot whisper his evil whisperings to us. The gates to Hell are closed and the gates to Paradise are open. All the good we do during this month is from our own hearts and all the evil we commit is from our own hearts and cannot be attributed to Satan’s evil endeavors. During Ramadan we are shown our true selves and hopefully will make the effort to correct our flaws.

If you read this, ‘thank you!’ I just wanted to share the importance of this month to me with all of you! I hope that you have a great month and that perhaps you can find a time out of the year to reflect and increase your spirituality and worship of God too!

You can check out the link below to see photos of people around the world preparing for this month!




Much love…

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