A simple google search using the term “da’wah”* will yield pages upon pages of results.  A simple read through of many of these sites will reveal that they are all designed to convince people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, that Islam is the truth.  There are many good intentioned people who have taken up the task to “call people to God and Islam.”  However, there are very few sites dedicated discussing and critiquing the methods the Muslim community in America has taken towards both da’wah and convert care*.

This blog is a sincere attempt to highlight points of consideration for the da’i* in his or her work.  Many of us have sincere intentions but haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and actually think about the implications of doing da’wah the way we deem fit as opposed to the way that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and God most High has instructed us to.  We also at times forget to omit the factor of human response in how we approach people about Islam.  Some efforts at da’wah are very apologetic and others are people’s attempts to convince minds that their interpretation of Islam is the only valid one.

The coming generations of Muslims in America are mandated to take a more nuanced and considerate approach at not only how we approach those who were raised Muslim, and non-Muslims about the religion, but also how to take care of people once they have converted to or committed to Islam.


*Da’wah linguistically means “to call” but it’s working definition as used my Muslims is “inviting or calling to God/Islam.”

*Convert Care refers to the support, education, and resources provided to someone after embracing Islam. This is a critical service due to the number of converts who leave Islam or never make a meaningful connection with any community to help support them through their journey as a Muslim.

*Da’i is one who conducts da’wah.

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