Online Resources for the Newcomer to Islam


Here is a list of online resources that you can use along your journey.  Whether you are a convert to Islam or someone recommiting to Islam no journey is sound without a guide.  Not all of us have access to communities that heave the experience or resources to assist people through the process. In the absence of local resources we would like to provide these resources for you.  It should be emphasized that nothin replaces a teacher.  We encourage all people to find themselves a teacher that they trust and feel has a good grasp of Islam. (Characteritics of a trusted teacher- article)

1. Good translation of the Qur’an

2. High Quality and Free courses


3. Learning to perform the ritual prayer (salaat)


4. Memorizing and properly pronouncing the Qur’an, God’s Book of Guidance to humanity

5.  Learning to Read the Qur’an / Arabic



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