The Unwritten Code: Social Etiquette of the Muslims


The Unwritten Code: Social Etiquette of the Muslims

Often times people have interesting experiences in their initial interactions with the Muslim community.  Most of us can probably remember some awkward occurrences prior to learning the social “Do’s and Don’ts” around Muslims. These are the unknown and often awkwardly discovered social codes of Muslims that many people are not initially aware exist.  We can call committing these mistakes a “Beginners Blunder.” Those little things that you may not have realized Muslims don’t do that might get some strange stares cast at you.

I have had people ask several times “What do I need to know so I don’t offend anyone or look stupid?”  Below is a small compilation of these unwritten codes that will hopefully save some people from awkward or embarrassing moments. Feel free to print it out and study it carefully, depending on your level of concern for cultural literacy.

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Happy Ramadan to the World!


This is a sample post that I send to all of my friends and loved ones to let them know what Ramadan is about and what it means to me personally.  Often times speaking from our own experience is the most effective way of explaining aspects of religion to people.  No one likes to be preached at but most people like to quench their thirst for curiosity.  Copy this or create your own 🙂 Continue reading